Why a Dog License?????

Lost dogs wearing a license come home. Animal control, S.P.C.A, can look up the license
and take your pet home and not to the pound. This does not traumatize the dog as if it was
taken to a large kennel with hundreds of barking dogs.

Injured dog Dogs hit by a car or down on the Street will lie there until someone (a citizen)
picks them up and take them to the Vet  where they lay there again, suffering and in pain
until forty-eight hours or the owner arrives. If no owner is found the Vet may put him or her
down.   If the SPCA is called, they give the Vet $50.00 to prolong life for 48 hours.   If the
injured dog has a dog license police can call, run the tag and notify the owner so the dog can
be taken care of immediately. The owner can okay treatment over the phone so the animal
is not suffering.

Dog bites when a dog bites  three or four different agencies get involved.  State dog law,
State health department, local police and animal control.  All ask the same questions does
the dog have Rabies shots, does the dog have a license. This all can be avoided if the
records were one file in one place.  Each time the file is called  the agency can see the last
time the Rabies shots were given.  This can put the victim and the doctors on the right track.

Stray dog bites if a dog gets out. He or she is sometimes scared enough to bite for various
reasons. The dog is taken into custody and held for 48 hours. If no owner appears the dog is
destroyed and tested for Rabies.  If the county had a database the animal control officer
could punch into the computer information about where the dog was found, and a
description of the dog. Within minutes a list of possible owners for the dog  would appear.
Just a phone call away.

Dog fighting Dog fighting and training is a problem everywhere. Police and animal control
get calls, after calls about dog fighting. Sometimes when officers arrive, dogs and people
are still, but there is no fight going on. This ties the officer’s hands. The officer tries to identify
the owners of the dogs. This task itself is a near impossibility because of no identification. If
we had a database we could identify the dog to its owner, and if we could not, the dog could
be taken into custody for being unlicensed, and held until the rightful owner comes to
purchase a dog license, and identify himself.  This will remove 50 percent of the dogs that
fight on the street daily and put back control to the police officer.

Dog theft dogs are still stolen everyday right out of the owners yard.  The tag may be taken
off, but with a database, any one seen with a dog answering that description may be
stopped and ask to produce a dog license.  Without a license, the dog may be held for
identification or looked up in the database to see if that dog is registered to the suspect.
Stopping a horrible slow death to the stolen dog.   Private property when a dog is licensed, it
becomes private property. If someone keeps a licensed dog not belonging to them. They
can be prosecuted under the law. 85 percent of dogs that are lost yearly never come home
Why a Dog License?????

It's the Law!

Fines can be up to $300.00 plus court cost
Delaware County Animal Control
610 522-1113