Help Wanted
Animal Control Person.
Looking for someone to transport and pick up animals in our
vehicle on a
PART-TIME call out basis,This will include
training to place traps, and remove Wild animals from them.
Removing dogs and cats and taking them to the shelter
Must not be afraid of animals.
You must be over 21.
Must have reliable transportation.
Must have good driving record, And have a current drivers license.
Must be available to work nights and weekends.
Must be reliable, Able to lift at least 50 pounds.
We are an equal opportunity employee if interested Download Application below
By clicking on the link below will take you to our application please fill out and
mail it to the address on the application

Only serious career minded motivated
individuals apply
We offer paid training at minimum wage,
$10 a call when you're on your own, which can add up to as much as four calls and hour.
$15 a call when you're experienced and will not need supervision You can make up to four  
stops An hour.
Plus a small salary,  per hour
We are only looking for someone who wants a career and once to stay in the
animal control field
, you will be trained as an animal control Worden first. Then
trained as an animal control officer, able to write citations and enforce the
Pennsylvania state laws.

This is not a job for everyone, but if it sounds like it's for you email us for an application.
Click on the animal control officer
for a
video. The video is not one
of our officers but it will give you
the idea
Chicago's Animal Control Officers
Chicago animal control officer did outstanding job putting this video
together to show the job that he does, We'd like to thank him for doing
such an outstanding job to show our prospective employees what to
expect on the job. please take the time to watch this video again and
again before you click on the link to apply for the job.

Once again we want to thank our fellow animal control officers and the
city Chicago for putting together this video
If this is not you do not apply.
But for that exciting career, never the same thing, strong willpower, and
an overwhelming urge to help, this could be you
Yes he's real
Delaware County Animal Control
No phone calls