This poor dog was beat to
death with the board that
is lying next him.
These images are legs traps that are used in the wild.  These were
found in residential neighborhoods endangering not only the wild
animals but also the domestic household pets.
This fox was killed by
dogs being training to be
Before being shut down, this puppy mill was a place where dogs
were mass breed. The dogs are kept in small cages and held in
unsanitary conditions.
These were
police stations
holding bins
for stray dogs.
The owner of this dog received two years jail time for the
mistreatment of his dog. The dog was found tied in the
backyard on a 95 degree day with his mouth duct taped shut
to keep him from barking, along with his paw being caught in
his collar making it difficult for him to walk.
Dog fighting
Death Row
The dogs pictured here were former fighters who could
not be adopted out thus being put to sleep
This wall is where people kept pictures to
keep track of the champion fighters and
Neglect is also a form of Animal Cruelty.  An owner cannot
keep a dog from receiving proper vet care.
This dog was the loser in his fight and dumped
<<More victims of dog
Pups saved from a life of fighting. After being
checked by a vet were put  up for adoption
A breeding bitch found on a raid.
An injury from a dog fight
No Way To Live
Pictures of the same.
Delaware County Animal Control animal cruelty pages.