We would like to thank the companies who have
made generous donations to help make this
ambulance possible.  To the left is a picture of our
crew with the Manoa firefighters when they donated

Thanks again!!
Far too often tragedy strikes and leaves little choices for animals.  The mission of the
Animal Rescue is to provide the holding of an animal on the scene along with care,
treatment, and transportation to the nearest hospital or kennel releasing some of the
burden off the owner/victim.  

Though the truck is limited with equipment  we can handle any situation. We have
firefighters working with the rescue team to enter and pull out any animals in danger or
causing danger to any personnel on scene.  Already we have responded to many scenes
from dogs hit by cars to cats rescued out of a building believed to be collapsing.  Rescue
will also  respond to a scene without confirmation of animals  in danger and in which case
don't hesitate to ask for help.  

In any emergency we can be reached by police radio as 4179-1 or our office can be
called at (610)522-1113
Just some of our success stories
This poor guy was by a car and left in
the street until our ambulance scooped
him up and rushed him to the hospital.
Later reunited with his owner
The owner called us frantically that his
dog was shot after finding him laying on
the back porch.  Our ambulance
transported him to the closest hospital
where he survived his gunshot wound
With no more mother to
take care of them they
were surely to perish a
Delaware County resident
caller Our animal
ambulance and we were
able to help them before it
was too late.
This shooting made all the papers it was a drug deal
gone bad.  Our ambulance transported this big guy to
two different hospitals.  Finally ending up at the
University of Pennsylvania, where they treated him for
his gunshot wounds.
Delaware County Rescue Ambulance 610 522-1113
This little one was
found in a bandit
basement almost
starved to death.
Hospital emergency room
On Monday, October 15, 2012 on the 200 block of Chester Pike in
Norwood there was a twin three-story building five.
Fire Radio called our  volunteer ambulance to respond, when we
arrived we were told there was for cats in one building, and three cats
in the other building. One dogs already was remote, and a cat was
secured inside a car in the front of the building.
We immediately took From the car and secured him in a safe place in
our ambulance. Then one of our firefighters went into search along with
a Norwood officer for the rest of the cats. Between the two of them
they found three cats in the one building, two of the cats that are shown
here needed to be put on oxygen as seen in the picture.
In the other building we searched for the dog that got out the doggie
door early in the fire, As we searched for the cats we found two more,
the rest were inside outside cats had the sense to leave.
At the end of day no casualty to animals or people, all animals were
turned either back over to their owners or the Red Cross, RED PAWS
a new group the Red Cross has four animals also all volunteer right
now they work out of their house.
Our ambulance was called for a injured red tailed
, stuck in a batting, Tinicum Township. When he
got an out of the net there was nothing wrong with the
bird, but plenty of children and neighbors watching, so
he took the time to educate the children about the
bird. And then released.(As everybody clapped)
This picture does this bird no justice,
We received a call for an injured bird, when our
animal control officer arrived. She immediately
called for the ambulance when the ambulance
arrived the technician on board called the game
commission, and the game commission said it was
mutant spawn.
So all 55 pounds for example tall is now
happy as can be at Tri-County bird rescue
As the bird was waiting for
transport to Delaware our
officers took the time to
educate the public and the
children in the area to be kind
to animals
Full oxygen
3 AM one chilly morning, YEADON fire company calls our
ambulance out for a dear that wedged herself in between the bars
of cemetery fence. With the help of the Jaws of life from the fire
company and our technician, the deer was pushed through the
fence and is doing fine.  
Thanks for the picture Brian
Just recently one of our neighboring fire companies call us in for a carbon dioxide alarm, those adults and two
children and young adults were taken out on stretchers. When we arrived the paramedics had the dog in the
backyard and explain to our staff that he had already passed. Our team asked if we could try and of course the
paramedics said give it a go, after several minutes of working on the dog the dog came around the immediately
transported the dog to the veterinarian hospital were happy to report the dog is doing fine now. As well as the
family that's called teamwork.
One Friday, September 27Just before rush-hour we had one of the worst calls we've ever had it was from a
veterinarian that said they started an operation that they could not complete without advanced surgery, they needed the
dog transported from  an animal hospital in Delaware County to an animal surgical ward in Philadelphia. They needed
our animals because it had oxygen the animal had a hole in his heart it was a three-month-old puppy. Our dispatcher
went above and beyond to see what he could do to get a team in.  15 minutes later he accrued three Volunteers and a
truck ready but that's not the end of the story, We had no veterinarian technician, or veterinarian to go with us. We did
have a certified EMT that would have to do a very experienced driver and a highway personnel from the borough,
these three dedicated volunteers set off on his almost hopeless journey. They arrived at the hospital not knowing what
they would find, and it was worse than I thought the dog had 20 minutes to get there which was normally a 45 minute
drive without rush-hour traffic. They loaded the puppy And took a deep breath set the GPS and took off I'm sure they
made some  unhappy motorist along the way but the only thing they could think of was saving his puppies life. The
animal hospital met them at the door yes just in time,, and am happy to report the next day the animal hospital called
the puppy went through the third surgery and is doing fine and looks like you make a full recovery.

So the next time you see that strange truck driving down the street behind you says animal ambulance please
give it away it is someone's loved one in that van.
This wonderful lady and her dog was going for a walk down the street
when suddenly her dog stepped on the part of her lease with the clip,The
clip when in between the dog's toes and before she knew it the foot was
starting to swell and bleed. She called the police of course the police did
not know what to do,(Not their fault are not trained for this) But they did
do the right thing a call the animal ambulance. We arrived within minutes
and were able to free the dog from the excruciating pain right there on the
scene. She posed for her dog for this picture so we can show how grateful
she was.
We received the call From a small voice coming from a storm sewer, The problem was the people that call
us were not sure what storm sewer the small meows were coming from You see was a parking lot. And on
each side of the driveway there was a storm sewer so the tiny little Could go from one side of the
driveway to the other side of the driveway and that he did.*Our only hope of catching him was to put a trap
on one side of the driveway down the Vent closing up and send one of our team members down the other
side and threw them very clean Title hoping he'll jump into the cage. Sounds simple enough right for a half
hours later in 90° weather a falling Got him out.
You can be a part of
our team click here
This was actual news footage of two of our officers/fire trained personnel that rescued a dog from a burning
building  naturally with the fire personnel's help from Darby Township. Now they are giving oxygen to the dog.  
The dog didn't survive.
This was from our animal ambulance personnel
This officer was called to the
scene  for a baby deer  stuck
underneath a car. He Through a
net over the deer, and then let the
deer cry for its mother. When she
came out he released the baby so
mom and baby could run away
Officers Cizmarik remove and two dogs left
abandoned in a hotel room for days. As you can see
they were more than glad to see her.
These animals came from the Towns below

19010, ASTON 19014, BROOKHAVEN 19015,
19028, ESSINGTON 19029, FOLCROFT 19032, FOLSOM
19039, HOMES 19043, LANSDOWNE 19050, LENNI 19052,
19061, MEDIA 19063, SPRINGFIELD 19064, MORTON 19070,
19074, PROSPECT PARK 19076, RIDLEY PARK 19078,
SHARON HILL 19079, WAYNE 19080,
19083, VILLANOVA 19085,
WALLINGFORD 19086, 19087, 19089, 19091, WOODLYN
19094, WAYNNEWOOD 19096,
HILL 19118,  
Removing wildlife is our specialty
610 522-1113
610 522-1113