This 18-24 month boxer was left for dead after being hit
by a small red speeding car.
Witnesses said, when the driver saw the puppy in the
street, he hit the gas dragging the puppy in the street for
about 100 yards. This full male boxer puppy flipped out
the back from under the vehicle, limping and staggering
to the curb.  Being in the street for some time he is at
least 23 lbs underweight. In spite of all this he is doing
well and will make it. That’s why we named him Miracle.
Miracle now needs a foster or permanent home as soon
as possible. Please call us at 610-522-1113
He is now at his new home
with warm and loving family
Delaware County Animal Control
This little guy was found in
the middle of the highway,
you cannot see it from this
picture but the other side of
the shell was cracked, it did
not look good for him. But
after our officers picked him
up took good care of him
and rushed him to a
rescue, we understand he
is doing fine today.
This was a true miracle
Before we could get the police to trust
us enough to wait for us to get there
on some dangerous calls  they would
shoot the dog..  And that's is what
happened in this case, fortunately
enough our officers snatched him up
rushed him to  Westchester
veterinarian and made it in time. He
was shot  several times but he pulled
through.. We would not give him back
to his owners as they went to prison  
and this poor dog did deserve a better
chance at life.