The Dog Purchaser Protection Act
           The Puppy Lemon Law - Act 27 of 1997
                      Summary of the Law

Who Must Comply?
Owners of USDA and PA state licensed kennels & pet shops who sell to the public. "Non-profit" kennels
(shelters) are exempted.

Buyer receives either:
Health certificate issued by a veterinarian OR seller may issue a "Guarantee of Good Health". Health
certificate must be issued within 21 days of sale. "Guarantee" must state dog is healthy on the date of sale
and be signed by both seller and buyer.

Information about dog provided by the buyer:
1. Date of birth sex, color and markings
2. List and date of vaccinations
3. Record of any known health problems and treatments
4. Date and type of any parasitical medications
5. Name, address and signature of seller
6. The health record, signed by both buyer and seller

Length of time for guarantee for infectious or contagious diseases:
10 days

Length of time for guarantee for genetic or hereditary diseases:
30 days

Options for buyer if dog becomes sick or dies in days allotted:
1. Return dog for refund of purchase price
2. Exchange dog for another
3. Keep dog and receive vet costs up to the purchase price, provided the dog can be cured

Buyer’s veterinarian must issue a "Certificate of Illness" for seller which shall include:
1. Purchaser’s name and address
2. Date dog was examined
3. Breed and age of dog
4. Condition that made it "unfit"
5. Precise findings
6. Treatment recommended and cost estimate if owner keeps the dog

Buyer must notify seller of vet’s examination:
Within 2 business days of exam

Seller shall give refund, replacement or reimbursement:
Within 14 days

Seller may contest findings and have dog checked by own vet:
Unless hospitalized, buyer must take dog to seller’s vet for exam within 2 business days

Sellers of "Registered" dogs to supply certain information:
1. Breeder’s name and address
2. Name and registration number of sire and dam of puppy
3. Name and address of the pedigree registration organization
4. Registration documentation must be provided within 120 days. Time may be extended if spaying or
neutering is a requirement of purchase price.

If seller fails to provide registration documentation, purchaser may elect one:
1. Return dog and receive a full refund of purchase price
2. Retain dog and receive refund equal to half of the purchase price

Guarantee information:
Must be posted at a place of business and given to buyer at time of sale

Enforcement agencies:
Office of Attorney General

Penalties for violations or for conducting business without proper license:
Up to $1000 for each violation

These health guarantees apply when the purchaser’s veterinarian declares that the newly purchased dog is
"Unfit for Purchase". "Unfit for Purchase" means any disease, deformity, injury, physical condition, illness or
any defect which is congenital or hereditary and which severely affects the health of the animal or which was
manifest, capable of diagnosis or likely to have been contracted on or before the sale and delivery of the
animal to the consumer.
Delaware County Animal Control
610 522-1113